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Valley Glass Windows:

Choosing the right window can make or break the appearance of a home. The Valley Glass Aspen 6900 Series has a bold and independent look that, without doubt, sets it apart from all the other vinyl windows on the market. The even, symmetrical lines of the window produce an architecturally sound product that truly stands out.


Most vinyl windows on the market use a thinner glass called Single Strength (3/32″) as their standard glass. Single Strength is more cost-effective for the manufacturer, but isn’t the most durable product. Single Strength is thinner, making it more susceptible to glass breakage. We use a heavier glass called Double Strength or DS Glass (1/8″) as our standard glass. Double Strength Glass adds considerable strength to your windows, making glass breakage much less likely. It also helps reduce noise.

Low E Glass (Energy Efficient Glass)

Energy efficiency has become a focus of every homeowner. We have provided our windows with Solarban 60 Solar Control LowE Glass from PPG. Solarban 60 LowE is an energy-efficient glass that helps keep heat and ultraviolet light out while keeping your furnace heat in. PPG has devoted years of research and testing to develop a number of the most efficient glass types in the industry. Solarban 60 helps each window achieve the necessary U-Value to pass the new energy requirements. You can feel comfortable in your home knowing that even our standard windows provide the energy efficiency many other companies make you pay extra for.

Solarban 70 Glass (Higher Efficiency Glass)

With rising energy costs, finding energy-efficient building materials has become a very popular demand. PPG has responded to these demands by developing a higher-grade LowE called Solarban 70. One of the concerns of homeowners in our climate is heat build-up. Have you ever sat next to large windows in a great room during the afternoon and felt the heat pounding in? Solarban 70 was designed to combat solar heat gain. Solar heat is measured through a term called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This coefficient measures how much solar heat is actually passing through your windows. To prevent solar heat from entering your home, you would want to choose a window with a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Solarban 70 has one of the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficients and still lets in a decent amount of natural light.

Valley Glass windows boast many features that improve window quality and efficiency even more.  These include a long-lasting silicone spacer system, a dual-cam locking system for tighter and more secure seals, and a concealed outside screen…more on Valley Glass windows.

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