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The concept is simple. The more information that is given, the more accurate and complete the result will be. An accurate result reduces unnecessary stress and can save you money.

At the moment you decide you want a new home designed specifically for you, that is when you should begin preparing. Preparation may include: collecting magazine clippings, taking photos of other homes, writing down needs, wants, and dreams, finding a lot to accommodate desired square footage,  check for plans on your designers’ website that may fit your needs, or even sketching out possible layouts.  By doing a few things to prepare, your designer will have a great starting point, and be able to produce a beautiful custom design to fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

At Habitations Home Plans, we love it when our customers can give us as much information up front as possible, to better assess their needs.  However, we understand that time is often something that our customers may not have much of.  So, even if you have not been able to collect as much information as you would have liked, we can help you collect information and show you options that may fit your needs.  Also, whether you have information or not, we ask questions that will help you remember things you may have wanted in your new design, that may have been otherwise overlooked. We take the design of your home very seriously, and will do everything in our power get you everything you desire in you new home.

Good Luck!

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Unless you’re a builder, architect or work in the construction trades, you’re most likely in need of some information if you’re thinking about building a new home, especially if it is a custom home not a cookie cutter that they build for the masses.  In this blog, we’ll be discussing this topic “I want to build a nice new custom home and I’m clueless (somewhat) where do I start?”

This information should be very helpful as this process seems very overwhelming up front; builders, contracts, costs, plans, construction loans, long term mortgage, lots, etc.  We’ll break this down for you into bite sized pieces and try to make it a bit more manageable.

If you’re looking at custom home plans or talking to builders, looking at lots, etc. and you have questions, ask us, we’ll answer them and help you navigate the road to your new custom home.  Our goal as an architectural firm with the knowledge we have gained over the years is to help you get the most bang for your buck and most importantly that you love your home when it’s all done and for years to come.

We’ll begin posting tips and look forward to your questions.

Thanks, the Habitations Team

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