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Home Builders Need To Focus On Cutting-Edge Design Rather Than Elaborate Amenities, Says Orren Pickell.

Exterior Architectural Design Detail“When stocks, bonds and commodities are not delivering, what design trends are worth the cost for your clients? When the market is down, homeowners investing in real-estate will trend toward quality. Smart custom builders will maximize tighter budgets by offering great design.

The era in which builders might replicate the structure of a house from previous years, packing it full of amenities, has passed. But if you aren’t on the cutting edge of design, your business risks becoming a commodity and sales come down to a price war.

Many custom builders don’t have the resources to employ architects or designers full time, but great design affects your reputation and your bottom line. That means you may need to contract with larger or freelance firms for certain projects.

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Orren Pickell is president and chief executive officer of  Orren Pickell Designers & Builders in Lincolnshire, Ill. Over the past 33 years, Pickell has established the company as one of the leading custom-home design/build firms in the Chicago area, winning more than 170 awards for excellence in design, construction and innovation.

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